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About selling your used gear at the NM Ski Swap


Just show your gear for sale on Friday and your claim ticket on Sunday.

Sell your gear at the NM Ski Swap


Please read at the bottom about old unserviceable bindings!!


How to price your gear at the NM Ski Swap:


First off, ask yourself this....Do I want to sell it, or do I want to try to make a bunch of money and pick it up Sunday if it doesn't sell? You can do either, that's the beauty of the NM Ski Swap.


But if the answer is SELL, then make sure you price your items reasonably so that someone will want to pay that amount for that 8 year old pre-owned item. Many times we see very used items on the floor priced MORE than a new item right next to it. We know you paid X amount of dollars for those skis in 2008 (we all struggle with that as patrollers selling our own gear at swap), but someone else may only be willing to pay 50 dollars for them now.


Go online, check ebay for your item, click "used", click on "completed auctions", and you'll get a sense for what your item has sold for. Just make sure you specify "completed auctions" that sold, as that's the price someone will pay for that item.


How to sell your usable gear at the NM Ski Swap:


Bring your usable equipment to the West Doors of the Manuel Lujan Complex (Building B) at Expo New Mexico (see map) on FRIDAY of Swap weekend, from 10 AM to 7 PM. There will be a $.50 charge for each tag and each item must have a tag. Items will be in the sale on Saturday only. A 15% commission on each item sold will go to the Sandia Peak Ski Patrol.


Equipment donations will be accepted at this time also.


Items NOT accepted:

Mittens, gloves, hats, socks, or long underwear, or old unserviceable equipment (see below).


Change the price of your item during the sale:

Head to the "Problem Solving" table and the patrollers there will help you adjust your items price.


Sunday pickup of your payment or unsold gear:

Head back to the north end of the Manuel Lujan Building to pick up payments and/or unsold items. Your payment will be for the amount priced less the 15% commission. The Sandia Peak Ski Patrol will not be responsible for any unclaimed items after 4 PM on SUNDAY.


Old unserviceable bindings:

SKI BINDING CHECK: All ski bindings will be checked against the ski industry's list of supported ski bindings when checked into the Ski Swap. The manufacturers stop supporting some bindings after a few years because they can start to fail and jeopardize skier safety. Therefore, ski shop technicians' are not allowed to adjust the bindings because they don't want to jeopardize skier safety either. The ski patrol seeks to support skier safety by preventing the sale of unsupported bindings at the Swap that customers will not be able to have adjusted or use safely.