Buying at NM Ski Swap


We’re still finalizing the schedule for the next NM Ski Swap, please check back mid-summer, thanks!

New & Used Gear

Thousands of new and used items from vedors, and on consignment from the public.

Friday Night VIP Sale:
$20 per person for entry

Originally open only to patrollers and those volunteering their time at the Swap, is now open to the public in exchange for a $20 per person donation (cash only) to our all volunteer non profit patrol at the door Friday night. Get your pick of the thousands of items on the floor before anyone else, and believe us, if you plan on buying gear, getting first pick is a great way to find exactly what you need.

Saturday and Sunday Public Sale: $2.00 per person for entry

Entry into the sale is $2.00 per person, giving you access to the sale floor as well as to representatives from your favorite ski areas. The Sunday super sale is where you may find further marked down prices on gear, but remember by Sunday the available stock will be drastically reduced.